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Anxiety presents itself in many forms, and the vast majority of people experience some degree of anxiety in their daily lives. However, more than 40 million Americans are significantly affected by anxiety but due to stigma, misinformation and/or lack of resources. Only a third of those individuals are receiving treatment. Anxiety can affect people both mentally and physically, and is often triggered by financial stress, an overwhelming workload, relationship challenges, or environmental stressors. This presentation will provide an overview of anxiety awareness and will offer a variety of resilience-based coping strategies to manage the experience of chronic or distressing anxiety.


About our speaker: Celesta Harris, Ph.D., is a clinical-forensic psychologist with the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). After serving in the U.S. Coast Guard, she went on to earn two Masters Degrees and a Doctoral degree. Harris has worked in many settings, including maximum security prisons, forensic state hospitals, juvenile halls and private practice. Her areas of expertise include forensic psychological evaluations, resilience, crisis intervention and trauma-related issues. At DPS, Harris conducts pre-employment psychological evaluations for trooper trainee applicants, therapeutic support and intervention for DPS employees and their family members, crisis negotiation and intervention, and consultation on issues or topics that require psychological expertise.