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Millennials: Making Strides Toward a Brighter Future

While every generation has faced its own set of challenges, Millennials often encounter issues that include student loan debt and underemployment. Learn more about these economic challenges as well as the guidance and strategies that can help Millennials get a head start in saving and planning for their future by attending this education workshop.

How to budget to maximize savings: 

Although Millennials are emerging as a generation of solid savers, it can still be tempting to spend your paycheck without saving adequate funds for the future. In spite of economic challenges, or perhaps because of them, Millennials are already getting a head start in saving and planning for their future. Learn how important it is to create a budget to help manage spending.

Strategies to invest in your financial goals: 

Learn how Millennials’ concerns about money, risk and sucess have been shaped by dramatic economic and market volatility that hurt job prospects and earning abilities, as well as disrupted their parents’ real estate values, investment portfolios and retirement savings.

How to develop a plan to retire on your terms: 

Whether through your employer’s retirement plan, personal savings, or paying off personal debt, learn how you can take action today! If you are a Millennial, you aren’t completely out of the loop when it comes to retirement. You understand the need to start saving earlier and how being financially unprepared for the future can impact retirement income. By knowing when you want to retire and making adjustments to your savings goals now, you might be surprised how easy it is to balance other goals while at the same time saving for retirement.

How to protect your plans from risks: 

Did you know Millennials are the least likely of any age group to have any type of insurance, including auto, renters or homeowners, life and disability? When you consider the cost as well as the benefits of these types of coverage, it is a good idea to research early the best kinds of insurance that can meet your needs.

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